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Thakur Dass Bhargava Sr. Sec. Model School, Hisar(Haryana) India


Since its inception, the school aims at winning laurels in Sports and Games. House wise Intra School Sports Competitions are also held every year to boost up the interest of the students in Sports and Games. Moreover, the Vidyalaya celebrates its Sports Day in a grand manner, every year. Some of the best talents of the students in Sports and Games can be witnessed on this day.

We believe that Sports form an inseparable part of a child's growth and well being. With a foundation in sports and games we lay a child's foundation in good health. Our initiatives in sports build the spirit of staying fit and healthy competitiveness in our students. The school provides for the playing equipment required for various sports and stress is equally put on physical sports like football as well mental sports like chess. This results in an overall mental and physical development of a child.

Coaches for various popular sports also train students in the sport of their interest and talent. Like they say in sporting circles : "Catch Them Young". We also keep an eye on talent inherent in every student and promote them in their area of interest.

This faculty consists of teams of different sports like lawn tennis, badminton, table-tennis, obstacle course and martial arts like taekwondo and judo. The wide play grounds provide the students, an open opportunity to take part in various games and sports at the school level and to prepare for regional and national level. We provide activities that are competitive, have formal rules, require physical effort and skills, and are organised within institutional structures. Teams are sent to other schools to compete with them and others are invited by it to play friendly matches. In door games of different type are also available in the school premises itself.

The school has an enviable numbers of well-maintained sports fields (1-Basket Ball Courts, 3-Volley Ball Courts, 1-Cricket Practice Nets, 1-Football Fields, Cricket Field, 200m-Athletic Track, 1-T.T Table.


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